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Photo editing service

Presonne dans un diner avant retouche

You want to highlight a person, but you don't have a photo where they are alone, or you have a poor quality photo, then this is for you.

I can help you improve the quality of your photo:

- color correction

- improved sharpness

- remove stains, scratches

- isolate the person from a scene

- various aesthetic retouching

- background change

- change context

Image d'une personne dans un fauteuil après retouche
retouche d'une mauvaise image avant - après

Easy editing

- color correction

- improved sharpness

- background correction

From €75 incl. tax

Complex editing

- color correction

- improved sharpness

- face retouching

- change of scenery

- elimination of people

From 125€ including tax

extraction d'un personnage d'une image ert retouche de l'arrière plan
retouche d'un vieux négatif noir et blanc avant - après

Restoration of old negatives

- scratch removal

- restoration of small missing pieces

- contrast / brightness recalibration

- after feasibility study - price on estimate

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