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Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. The cookie consists of a unique code that allows a website to recognize a user depending on the device used. On a future visit to the website, it will retain information about your preferences based on cookies (e.g. language choice, business preferences, recent searches, etc.). Finally, cookies ensure that the interaction between the visitor and the website runs more smoothly and quickly. By using cookies, advertising content on a website can be more relevant to the visitor since it is tailored to the visitor's preferences.

What cookies are used and what is their purpose?

Essential cookies
These cookies are essential to be able to use the website and its different parts (eg login, choice of language).

Performance Cookies
We use performance cookies to gather information about website usage in order to improve website content, optimize it and make it more efficient.

Cookies for third parties
These cookies allow us to improve the content and operation of the website, in particular through the use of Google Analytics, OpenStreetMap.

Cookie retention period
Cookies are stored in the browser for a maximum period of 24 months.

Cookie management
If you wish to prevent the installation of certain cookies on your computer, you can indicate this via the privacy settings of your browser. It is possible to delete cookies.

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